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Grow your revenues in two important ways.  First, focus on the RIGHT prospects with the RIGHT message.  Second, learn 12 important selling skills that will send your closing rate soaring.  A twelve month online course of videos and emails.

Strategic Excellence Program

Boardroom meeting

Build improved skills in leadership, management, and hiring.  Improve systems in production, client service, marketing, sales, and finance.  Structure your business to be scalable.

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individual coaching

Work on specific challenges through our Small Business Program.  Build two-week execution plans, and achieve improved profitability.

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Concept illustration of hiring the best candidate. The graphic shows company making a choice of the person with right skills for the job among many candidates
Are the right people in the right seats on the bus? Is your hiring process consistently identifying “A players”?


Game Plan Strategy
Do you have clearly defined long term goals?  Do they translate into the daily focus of senior management?


Does the “urgent” constantly interrupt the “important”?  Do you have a process to ensure execution on strategic and tactical goals?


Do you have a clear understanding of the profitability of your revenue lines?  Does revenue growth drain cash, or create cash?

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What Our Clients Say…

We hired Scott to help Silver State improve in marketing and sales, but he has taken on a more comprehensive role.  He has been very helpful in improving our hiring process, resulting in strong additions to our team.  He has helped us to improve internal operations, resulting in improved on-time delivery to our clients.  And, of course, he has helped in the marketing and sales areas.  He facilitated an excellent analysis of our target market segments, for example, and has worked closely with our key sales and client service staff to improve execution in these areas.  In less than a year, Nevada Leadership Group has become a valuable member of our team.

Our sessions with Scott are very enlightening and get us to do what most business owners don’t do: sit down to work on themselves and their businesses. There was a lot of deep thinking, short and long term planning, and self revelations of our flaws and how to correct them.  After each session, we knew exactly what we needed to do in the next 90 days in order to improve and catapult our business in the right direction!

Scott has helped Falcon Healthcare Systems to improve in a number of ways.  We have analyzed the profitability of our revenue lines to build plans to improve each one.  He has helped us in our hiring process, and has helped us to plan and execute on refining our internal processes and training.  He has spearheaded our marketing and sales strategy, and has helped me to become a stronger leader.

When Scott first contacted me, I was managing the Las Vegas office of an international engineering firm.  He helped me to plan and execute the launch of my own firm.  Scott has been instrumental in helping me hire my team and has worked with me on managing the capital strain of growing the company.  Scott has also been a great accountability coach; for example, he pushes me constantly to plan for the long term and execute in the short term. In addition, he does not let me get distracted by “shiny objects” that can get in the way of strategic goals.  I recommend Nevada Leadership Group to business owners looking to grow in a strategic, focused way.

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