Scott Merritt


Scott Merritt is President of Nevada Leadership Group in Las Vegas, NV.  During his corporate career in the financial services industry, he led sales teams to explosive revenue growth.  Scott was ICS Director for the Western Division of PaineWebber (UBS), leading a team that increased fee-based revenue lines from $45 million to $160 million in 3 years.  He led sales organizations for JP Morgan for 10 years, culminating in the dramatic turnaround of a financial advisor team in Central Texas.  He was CEO/CFO of a scuba resort enterprise in the 1990s, is Managing Partner of Nevada Distressed Properties and President of North Austin Business Coaching LLC.  In every year from 2011 – 2016, over 85% of Scott’s clients grew revenues by more than 20%.  Scott was head tennis professional at Rhode Island Country Club for two years while at Brown University.  He lives in Las Vegas with his wife of 28 years, Harriet, and their dog Sid Vicious. The family also includes three horses.

What We Do
Many small businesses find that the growth of revenues and profitability becomes a challenge when they reach a certain revenue level or staff size.  The skills required to manage the enterprise are quite different than they were when the business was smaller.  Nevada Leadership Group enables clients to break through their barriers to growth.  We help business owners to improve their Leadership and hiring skills, plan more effectively, build better systems, and improve their marketing and sales processes.

Who We Help
Our clients are business owners committed to the process of improvement.  They are willing to invest time on their calendars to implement new processes and procedures in order to reach new levels of excellence.  Many are in service industries, and most have revenues between $2 million and $20 million annually.  Some have a specific goal to exit their businesses and wish to prepare over time to achieve maximum value for their hard work in building the enterprise.  Others wish to earn more income from their businesses while investing fewer hours each week in running the business.  Still others want to reduce the daily stress of leading their businesses.   All of these goals are attainable via targeted planning and disciplined execution of the plan.

Core Values should drive the decisions made within a business.  This includes day-to-day actions, but also hiring decisions and client engagement decisions.  Nevada Leadership Group adheres to this set of Core Values, which are:

Bias for Action  Planning is good, but Execution is Divine

Insatiable Desire to Improve  We are committed to improving our knowledge base and coaching tools.  Similarly, we will only work with clients who are committed to the process of improvement and will commit the time and energy to implementing change.

Walk the Talk  We hold ourselves accountable to the same processes that we recommend to our clients.

The purpose of Nevada Leadership Group is help business to remove their bottlenecks to reaching the next level.  We are Growth Catalysts for good businesses.