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1 Simple Step to Narrow Your Target Market Focus

Biggest Selling Challenge One of the biggest issues I see in selling is that many conversations with prospects go nowhere.  The initial conversation seems to go well.  But that second conversation becomes a real challenge to set up.  And if it ever happens, it doesn’t appear that the sales process advances. What’s going wrong?  It […]

In Selling, Trust Trumps Everything

Does this scenario sound familiar?  You are deep into a selling conversation and decide to attempt a “trail close” or other closing technique you have been taught.  Suddenly, the prospect unloads a whole series of objections.  Her body language changes, too.  She sits back in her chair and crosses her arms.  The room becomes more […]

Why Does Planning Fail?

How many times have you lived through it?  Late in the year, you are gathered with cohorts to build a business plan for the following year.  Your team invests many hours of thoughtful time strategizing and developing a detailed plan.  Everyone is tired but optimistic that the plan will lead to a big year. 12 […]

Love the Ones You’re With

It’s a natural tendency when growing a business to focus on obtaining new clients.  After all, isn’t that the way to take it to the next level?  Revenues can’t grow without new clients. But too often we love the prospect more than we love the client.  We are so focused on the next opportunity that […]

Leadership Book Review: Extreme Leadership

Lots of books about leadership have been written by academics of the field.  Others still by retired business executives with impressive resumes indicating they were good leaders.  But this is the first Leadership book I’ve read by authors whose decisions were literally life and death.  The authors, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, were the officers […]

Hire for Talent, not Resume

Resumes are a really bad tool to use in narrowing down a candidate field. Why? To start, they list experience. But they don’t tell you if the person performed well in the job. Or if she had the right talents for the position. They also give you no insight into how the candidate contributed to […]