Hands-On Business Coaching

Business Consulting with a Focus on Results

Nevada Leadership Group has developed a comprehensive curriculum of coaching modules, customizing each program to the needs of the client. Our goal is to help you define your goals and put processes in target and arrow symbolizing business plan success with business coachingplace that let you drive them to completion. Each program contains common elements:

  • First, we perform an assessment of a client business’ strengths and opportunities to improve.
  • Second, we begin every coaching session with a review of progress toward previous goals and ends with a strict goal-setting exercise.
  • Third, we believe in the power of setting long term goals, breaking them into intermediate and short term goals, and breaking those down further into immediate execution focuses.
  • Finally, we teach specific skills to enable business leaders to improve.

Four Core Factors in Business Success

We have identified four core areas that greatly impact the success of business.  During our program, we’ll be asking questions that help identify problem areas in your business:

People:  Are the right people in the right seats on the bus?  Does the leadership team have a Process for developing leadership skills within the team? Does the management team have a Process for building the management skills of the team? Is there a hiring process that consistently results in top-performing employees and low turnover? Does the Leadership team engage with employees in a manner than ensures motivated, focused employees?

Strategy: Does the business have a Strategic Plan in place? Are there Annual Plans and Quarterly Plans to execute the long term Strategy? Do daily Activities reflect the Strategy goals and do they help the business toward achieving them? Are there Processes in place that support and drive the Strategic Plan forward?  Do all participants understand the Strategic goals and is there accountability?

3d color graph showing increasing sales symbolizing success through business coach program

Execution:  Is the organization executing its Plan? Are strategic priorities or “Rocks” being advanced? Or, are staff losing focus and reacting to daily fire drills instead?  Does the team know how to prioritize, putting out fires while still executing on their individual “Rocks”?

Cash: Does the business have a good handle on its financials?  Has it identified a number of financial metrics that track financial success and achievement of goals? Is it tracking a handful of cash metrics to measure cash flow? What can be done to shorten the sales cycle? Are there ways to improve the production cycle? How can the cash cycle be tightened so there’s more cash in the door faster?

These four core factors are the foundation of our Process and, when addressed, can turn your business around.