Love the Ones You’re With

au bureau_0015It’s a natural tendency when growing a business to focus on obtaining new clients.  After all, isn’t that the way to take it to the next level?  Revenues can’t grow without new clients.

But too often we love the prospect more than we love the client.  We are so focused on the next opportunity that we forget to provide excellent service to our clients.  We don’t ask them for feedback.  We don’t show appreciation.  And some of our clients move on.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  A client had to develop trust in you, and find you credible, in order to hire you.  Once they have done so, they’ll look for reasons to confirm that they made a good decision.  It’s human nature.

Getting a new client is much harder than keeping an existing client.  To get a new one, you have to establish rapport, prove that you are credible, and build trust.  Then you have to convince the prospect that your product or service can solve their pain point.  You’ve already done ALL OF THAT with your current clients!

So just a little more communication with your clients will go a long way.  Ask for feedback.  Show appreciation.  If you screw up, apologize and tell your client what you’re doing to fix your mistake.

Sure, you’ve got to continue to fill a prospect pipeline, attract prospects online, or get customers to walk in.  But if you shift 10% of that effort to making sure that your “bucket of clients” doesn’t have a hole in the bottom, it will pay off big time.

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