Our Approach to Improving your Business

Nevada Leadership Group has developed a comprehensive curriculum of business coaching modules, customizing each program to the needs of the client. However, all programs contain common elements.

  • First, we always perform an assessment of a client business’ strengths and opportunities to improve.
  • Second, we are coaches; every session begins with a review of progress toward previous goals and ends with a strict goal-setting exercise.
  • Third, we believe in the power of setting long term goals, breaking them into intermediate and short term goals, and breaking those down further into immediate execution focuses.
  • Finally, we teach specific skills to enable business leaders to improve.

Four Core Elements for Business Success

We focus closely on making improvements in four core areas of an organization:

Businessmen reviewing strategic business plans togetherPeople: We help assess the strengths and shortcomings of the leadership team and functions, and develop stronger leadership development skills within the leadership team.  We also examine and improve upon the hiring system to dramatically increase the success rate of hiring “A Players” and to improve the retention of talent. We then improve the employee engagement process so that the staff is engaged, inspired, and more productive.  A nice side benefit is that office “drama” is reduced or eliminated.

Strategy: Many businesses do not execute effectively in strategic planning, and do not have a process to ensure that the strategic plan aligns to the One Year Plan, the Quarterly Plan, and ultimately the daily execution focus. Nevada Leadership Group installs a process and helps its clients to develop a culture of planning, and accountability to the plan.

Execution: Planning is good, but execution is divine!  The challenge is to continue to execute on the “Rocks” – the big, important strategic priorities – in the face of constant fire drills to address the crisis-du-jour.  We help our clients to create a process to Execute on the Rocks without letting the business burn down!

Cash: Many successful businesses struggle financially because they do not have the tools necessary to reap the cash flow from their operations that they should.  We don’t train our clients to be financial experts, but we do train them to manage to a short list of financial metrics they need to focus on to be more financially successful.   In addition, we help them to shorten their sales cycle, their production cycle, and their cash conversion cycles to get money in the door faster.

Better Results Better Cash Flow

What does this all mean? Our focus is in creating improvements in cash flow for our clients in excess of 20% as rapidly as possible, often within a couple of quarters.