Sales Professional Development Retreat

The Sales Forum is a monthly, half-day group retreat for Sales Professionals and others who focus on new business development.  While there is a focus on specific sales and marketing skills each session, the primary focus is on Speaker giving a talk on corporate Business Conference. Audience at the conference hall. Business and Entrepreneurship event.developing an execution plan each month to immediately impact sales velocity.

Each month, the group participates in a powerful Mastermind Session, brainstorming solutions to challenges posed by members of the group. These sessions are consistently ranked as the most useful in previous group programs.

Other than raising prices, there are only two ways for a business to grow revenues organically: see more prospects and sell more during their calls. Most of the work we do with clients focuses on these areas because most businesses do not have well developed systems in the Marketing and Sales areas.

A Sales Leadership System: focuses on building a better sales team and culture. It addresses two challenges: How do we hire better sales people, and how do we get the most from the sales team?

A Lead Generation System: addresses a challenge that is most often the critical issue to create an immediate impact on revenues: How do we see more prospects?

A Lead Conversion System: enables a sales team to maximize its effectiveness in each sales engagement by having more effective conversations that build trust and identify a prospects pain points more quickly.

Sales Forum Focus on Critical Sales and Marketing Skills

Skills we will focus on include:

  • Assessment of the Current System
  • Target Marketing & Branding
  • Mission Statement
  • Communication Strategy
  • CARDEF Sales Process
  • Appointment Setting
  • Appointment Confirming
  • Building Trust ( This is BIG! )
  • Asking Effective Questions, ( This is BIG Too! )
  • Recommending Solutions
  • Developing a Commitment
  • Objections Workshop
  • Education & Follow-up
  • Windshield Management
  • Appreciation Marketing
  • Client Retention Systems
  • Effective Hiring
  • Alignment ( Perhaps the BIGGEST )

Let’s start with your business assessment today!