Building a Solid Foundation for Business Growth

Boardroom meetingThe Strategic Excellence Coaching Program works on all of the strategic areas of business success.  Strategic Excellence requires the commitment of the senior leadership staff of the business who participate in various capacities and learn to use the tools and techniques that we put in place. We work with the business’ senior management to align their goals and functions so that the business runs more effectively. When team members focus on a common goal, and are able to work together in a coordinated way to achieve it, businesses grow and prosper. This is the purpose of the Strategic Excellence Program.

Strategic Excellence Program Fundamentals

Nevada Leadership Group facilitates intensive strategic planning, tactical planning, and leadership skills coaching via monthly 4 hour and 8 hour sessions. One foundation is the development of a Strategic Plan for the business. This plan drives the one year plan, which drives the quarterly plan and short term execution plans. The ultimate goal is alignment of daily activities to the long term strategic objectives.

Nevada Leadership Group customizes a curriculum for each client, focusing on areas of highest opportunity.  The curriculum includes:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Establish Daily/Weekly/Monthly Meetings Rhythm
  • Cash generation model assessment
  • Hiring Process improvement
  • Superior team management skills
  • Building Lean processes
  • Refining Target Market
  • Branding & Marketing Strategy
  • Refining the Sales Process
  • Building a Superior Client Service model
  • Key Financial Metrics