What Our Clients Say…

Our company has experienced unprecedented growth since NLG joined our team. That means more sales and more revenue, all while staying true to what makes UPG unique and what makes us happy as business owners. Frankly, it’s been one the best decisions we’ve made to bring Scott aboard. I highly recommend his firm.

Nevada Leadership Group helped our company strategically hire employees that fit our rigorous criteria and help outline the processes and systems I needed in order to rapidly expand my business. And that is exactly what happened. As of August 2013, our revenue has increased 50% so far. It’s exactly where I wanted to be and I would not be here it wasn’t for Scott and the Nevada Leadership team.

We hired Scott to help Silver State improve in marketing and sales, but he has taken on a more comprehensive role.  He has been very helpful in improving our hiring process, resulting in strong additions to our team.  He has helped us to improve internal operations, resulting in improved on-time delivery to our clients.  And, of course, he has helped in the marketing and sales areas.  He facilitated an excellent analysis of our target market segments, for example, and has worked closely with our key sales and client service staff to improve execution in these areas. Over the last three years, Nevada Leadership Group has been a valuable member of our team

Pat, Thanks for all help in creating a focused Sales and Marketing Program for myself and our sales team. You helped us break down the sales process into an identifiable course for overcoming obstacles to achievement and develop effective solutions to our selling challenges.

Scott has helped Falcon Healthcare Systems to improve in a number of ways.  We have analyzed the profitability of our revenue lines to build plans to improve each one.  He has helped us in our hiring process, and has helped us to plan and execute on refining our internal processes and training.  He has spearheaded our marketing and sales strategy, and has helped me to become a stronger leader.

Pat, your advice and counsel on developing a sound set of tools to use our financial documentation as measurement tools to improve our business model has been invaluable. We have already seen a marked improvement in our bottom line.

NLG helped me to focus on the important topics in my business. It helped me to look at the business from the outside rather than working IN the business. Scott is very serious about accountability.

Our sessions with Scott are very enlightening and get us to do what most business owners don’t do: sit down to work on themselves and their businesses. There was a lot of deep thinking, short and long term planning, and self revelations of our flaws and how to correct them.  After each session, we knew exactly what we needed to do in the next 90 days in order to improve and catapult our business in the right direction!

Things have picked up a lot! I have 32 clients this week and sold 5 systems in the past 5 weeks! I think the little exercise you had me do with forecasting was useful. Your help in building my understanding of creating a strategy based on my goals and BHAG has created much more focus in spending my time doing the “Right” things in my business.  Thank you, Pat!

Scott Merritt has helped me to expand The Dean Legal Group significantly since early 2013.  As a business owner and an attorney, my time is at a premium.  Scott has helped me organize and prioritize my time better, resulting in greater efficiencies at the office.  He has also helped secure key personnel which have become invaluable assets to my practice.  The changes made since hiring Scott have increased both my productivity and revenue generation.  Scott is skilled at helping critically analyze business options and helps me make more effective decisions.  Scott also holds me accountable to making the changes necessary to improve my business and meet my long term goals.  I recommend NLG to business owners who are committed to improving their businesses and to growth.

When Scott first contacted me, I was managing the Las Vegas office of an international engineering firm.  He helped me to plan and execute the launch of my own firm.  Scott has been instrumental in helping me hire my team and has worked with me on managing the capital strain of growing the company.  Scott has also been a great accountability coach; for example, he pushes me constantly to plan for the long term and execute in the short term. In addition, he does not let me get distracted by “shiny objects” that can get in the way of strategic goals.  I recommend Nevada Leadership Group to business owners looking to grow in a strategic, focused way.

Having worked with Pat Patterson and Scott Merritt, I can honestly say they are truly concerned with the people they work with. I wish I would have had access to their knowledge, skills and abilities when first starting my business five years ago. I highly recommend their program to any business owner young or seasoned!